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The Guardicore Centra Security Platform is the simplest and most effective way to visualize and secure your datacenter, cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform makes visualizing and securing on-premises and cloud workloads fast and simple. It creates human-readable views of your complete infrastructure from the datacenter to the cloud, with fast and intuitive workflows for segmentation policy creation. The platform helps you:

  • REDUCE COMPLEXITY: The infrastructure-agnostic approach works consistently across any environment, platform or operating system.
  • REDUCE RISK: Granular segmentation policies prevent lateral movement within your datacenter and cloud environments.
  • INNOVATE FASTER: Integrating security into DevOps and IT automation workflows without creating obstacles or requiring application changes.

Guardicore Centra Features and Benefits

  • VISIBILITY: Automatically discovers applications and flows, including process-to-process communications, and creates contextual maps that make understanding activity and creating policies simple.
  • APPLICATION DEPENDENCY MAPPING: Correlates network- and process-level activity and shows you how applications communicate with and depend on other IT resources.
  • SEGMENTATION POLICIES: Easily creates granular segmentation policies that work seamlessly across any platform, operating system or environment.
  • THREAT DETECTION & RESPONSE: Combines policy-based detection, reputation analysis and dynamic deception techniques to quickly detect threats and provide actionable intelligence.
  • FILE INTEGRITY MONITORING: Baselines your sensitive files using cryptographic checksums and detects changes that indicate possible tampering or misconfiguration.

Schneider Downs can help with your implementation of Guardicore.


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